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Motolight Motorcycle Light Reviews
I received and installed the lamps you sent. I didn’t expect this to be so easy and quick. I feel safer now riding in FL with all the blue-hairs . Now if it will just stop freakin’ raining.
Saddle Up & Thanks, 

I just wanted to let you know that on the way to Daytona recently I stopped for the night in a little town in Florida, and got quite a few compliments and inquiries about my Motolights. My riding partner commented as well about how easy it was to spot my bike. These lights are one of the best investments that I have made, and I am very pleased with their performance. Unfortunately I am on the site today to purchase a set of replacement LED build elements as weekend maintenance on the bike seems to have taken a toll on one bulb. My fault but these lights are terrific. I cannot tell you how much these lights have really improved my ability to see on a darker country road and the visibility of the bike itself to oncoming drivers. Thanks for the great product!

I've had a pair of Motolights for about ten years now. I've been doing some major maintenance and renovation on my Valkyrie and lost a few bolts. So I called to order some new ones and some new amber lamps. The owner answered the phone, and we had the most pleasant conversation. In my experience, most of the friendliest, most helpful companies are in the motorcycling support industry, and this company is certainly no exception. Friendly, helpful people and a great product. What more could you ask for?

Just a word of praise,
Your lights are one of the best upgrades I have made to my bike. They make night riding alot better. I've sold your products to alot of my firends, because I'm always bragging about how well they work. I ride more than most, and your lights give me peace of mind in both aspects of being seen by others and how much better I am able to see. They put out more light than my headlight and spots combined!
One Extremely Spoiled Customer,

Thanks Tina! Your awesome lights kick butt! Love the safety factor.

I wanted to drop you a note of thanks. I received the LED bulbs yesterday, and just finished installing. This is EXACTLY what I had hoped for. The lights look great and generate the light I wanted for that extra bit of safety.
Thanks to you and your team for a great product!

I purchased my Victory XCT from Cochise Motor Sports Sierra Vista, AZ. After several months looking for driving lights, ordering and returning lights that required considerable modification to install and looked terrible I found Motolight the only driving lights that fit ALL Victory motorcycles and they look terrific. I will visit Cochise soon for scheduled service and show off my MotoLights. They are the best and only out of the box driving lights available for all Victory models. 
~ Bikers are nice people ~

I would like to say thanks for the great service, prompt delivery and precision LED inserts I just received. They went into my set of Mini-Moto Lights. I have waited for a long time to be able to change out the terrific halogen bulbs that came with the set. Thank you for a fine product that looks great and helps me be seen and be safe!
Ed H.

I received my bulbs and rings today; thank you so much for the excellent support and customer ​service.  You are among the best of the best when it comes to backing your product and caring for your customers.   
 Best always to you and the team.

I have the caliper mounts with amber bulbs on my BMW R1150RT and the same on a Ducati GT 1000 in the mini's. I have not had anyone pull in front of me or cut me off  in 65,000 miles. I think the triangle of amber motolights and HID headlights are a life insurance policy.
Bill P.
Pocatello, ID

Thanks again for the Motolights. The lights arrived early last week in perfect condition and beautifully packed. I must point out that I’m so impressed with the wire harness and the quality of the complete kit, you truly have high standards. I installed them yesterday afternoon and it took me about 2 hours from start to finish without any issues. The installation instruction was probably the most detailed and easy to understand instructions I’ve ever read.  Your lights are AWESOME!
Ontario K.

Called and spoke with Tina to order the LED lights for my set.  The ones I already have are bright and have added a measure of safety I never had before.  All my associates around town can always tell it's me coming when they see the lights.
I made a trip to Montana a couple of years ago and left Cheyenne at about 4:30 in the morning.  As everyone knows, the speed limit on the interstate is 75 MPH and I was doing every bit of that.  As I crested a hill, there in the middle of the lanes was a 5-6 foot tall doe just standing in the roadway!  Had it not been for Motolights, well...you can guess the outcome.  Thankfully I saw her well in advance because of the lights, and was able to avoid a "bad meeting" with her.

Thank you guys for your product.  Having been a motorcycle officer for 20 years makes me wish we could have had that on our bikes!
Gary L.

Dear Motolight,

We have had Harley Davidson Electra Glide Police Motorcycles since our Motorcycle Unit was started in 2006.  I cannot tell you how impressed we are with your product and what a safety feature and law enforcement tool it is all wrapped into one product.  From the safety aspect, Motolights are extremely effective in providing a clear path of travel as the Motor Officer makes his way on his tour of duty.  From daytime to nighttime our Motolights are utilized and kept on to give the motoring public extra warning that a Police Motorcycle is approaching.  During the night season the amount of extra light that illuminates the roadway is remarkable.  From a Law Enforcement prospective, the Motolights are wired into our emergency lights and when activated they flash in a random pattern to quickly get the attention of the violator that we wish to stop. 
We are constantly asked about our Motolights when we attend Police Motorcycle competitions and we hightly recommened your products to everyone that we see.  We would never have another motorcycle without your product equipped on our bike, they are that great!  Keep up the great work and a sincere "Thanks You" for keeping our Officers safe on the roadways.

Chief Kelly J. Stillman

Dear Motolight,
I've been riding a long time, and long ago, realized what quality meant when it comes to motorcycles living in a harsh environment.  I've seen too many fellow riders skimp on driving lights and buy cheaply chrome plated, or painted stamped metal, only to see those lighting systems rust out in 9 months due to heat and moisture.  I wanted to let you know that I'm on my 4th bike with the same pair of Motolights, with only minor mounting bracket changes.  Because your lights are made of billeted or cast aluminum, a quick buffing is all that it takes to put them back into mint condition after so many years.  
Thank you so much for not skimping when it comes to quality made right here in the good ol' US of A.  
2004 BMW R1150RT
2007 BMW K1200GT
2008 BMW K1200GT 
2010 Kawasaki Concours 14
Phil P.

We absolutely love our Motolights. So much so that several of us purchased them on our own so that we could have them on our work bikes. After seeing how effective they were in helping us see and be seen, our Sheriff agreed to purchase Motolights for our entire fleet. Most of us have purchased them to run on our personal bikes as well. Phenomenal product. I will never own another bike that is not equipped with Motolights.
Mike C., Deputy
Desoto County Sheriff's Dept
Motor Unit

I'd recently had trouble with my left Motolight flickering on my K1200lt. Thinking it was a faulty bulb, I contacted Motolight to purchase new ones along with a spanner wrench. Well it turned out there was a problem with the wiring. After Motolight put me in touch with tech support I was told that it was a ground problem or power source.  I checked it and it turns out the person who wired it ran power off the headlight parking lamp, then ran it all the way back under the seat. WHY? I still don't know what they were thinking.  The tech said he always runs power off the switched heated passenger seat 12vdc hot.  I thought this was an excellent idea, so that's what I did.  But that still wasn't the problem. Upon doing a resistance check I found it had to be a broken wire in the harness.  I stripped back the wire jacket and found a broken ground wire.
Thanks so much for the tech support. It was as excellent as the lights you make.

James M.

I recently purchased a set of your chrome Minis for my V-Rod Muscle. I did so with confidence as I also own a regular set for my FJR1300.

Placing the order was simple and I quickly received the lights and well packaged installation kit. The kit was well thought out and had everything I needed for the complete install.

Frankly, my mechanic and I had some installation confusion on the Sunday afternoon install. I took a shot in the dark and called your office on a Sunday afternoon (the 4th of July weekend). You answered the call, solicited photos and information, and then chased down one of your mechanics (Darryl) who was vacationing in California. Darryl called from his California vacation, on a Sunday afternoon, and in 2 minutes had us straight on the install. There was no problem with the kit, just an issue with understanding the elegant design.

I love the regular Motolights on my FJR and a really love my new Motolight Minis on my V-Rod. I always feel safer with the Motolight triangle working for me.

Best regards,

Tim M.

Just installed the light set for BMWR1150RT that I purchased last September, and these are STILL the best lights for any bike. Thanks again for your sale price and wonderful product. 

Ken B.

If there is a better way for enhancing day - or night time motorcycle visibility than MotoLight I have never seen it. I bought a used Beemer with five year old MotoLights already installed on the forks and they are, in a word, spectacular. Tremendously well made, totally reliable and supremely VISIBLE! I'll never ride without them again. Oh - and they're great auxiliary light, too. I like the broad spread of bright light in front of the bike; very evenly distributed - no distracting hot spots.

Dan N.

Thanks, my right side light stopped working about two weeks ago.  After almost 10 years of riding with MotoLights, knowing one of my lights is out, I almost feel naked when riding.  I have had numerous rides were I am riding sweep and the front riders always comment that they never “lose” me as I have the best visibility.  I use the yellow bulbs with my HID headlight, and the visual impact to other people on the rode seems to be excellent.  I recommend MotoLights to all my riding buddies.  I know at least 4 of them have MotoLights on.

Randy E.

Thank you for the return phone call (on the weekend) and your advice about bulb selection was right on target. Turn around was very quick with tracking info. I have used HID off road & PIAA driving/fog lights and they all light up the road very well, but they were not placed in positions like your caliper lights are "to be seen by traffic in daylight!" I could tell an immediate difference in other motorists seeing me after installing Motolights. They also perform very well at night to the side that a main headlight doesn't illuminate; for darting animals, children, runners, bicycles, etc. You advised the 50W Halogen and haven't had any flashing that I was blinding others; I am very pleased with this choice for the 2002 R1150R BMW due to the adequate electric system. Aimed as your instructions recommended. The installation was straight forward and everything needed was in the kit. I have owned motorcycles of many makes since 1963. At that time there were no helmet laws, though I wore a helmet. I wear a high vis jacket and full face helmet and now using Motolights. In my opinion the Motolights are the single biggest safety aid to riding in traffic.

Rick W.

I really don’t know where to start, maybe when I first learned of Motolights.  I’m and old guy, 73, and have been riding a good while, let’s say since 1959.  And I can’t remember exactly when I first noticed Motolights, but all of a sudden I was noticing the Police motorcycles and the two bright lights mounted low on the front wheel.  The triangle of light formed by these bright lights and the headlight would really catch my eye, and that seemed like a really good idea.  After a while, trying to figure out what I was looking at, I asked the parts guy at my local Harley shop if he knew what they were, he told me Motolights and gave me a brochure.  Well, some years later, I am now the owner of a pair of these lights, and I must say, they certainly catch other folks eye, and give me a little more sense of being seen, and that, was the whole idea of my concept of motorcycle safety.

I can’t say enough about the lights, well made, very high quality, easy to install, I could go on and on, and they are well worth the price!  What has impressed me more has been the Company and what they stand for.   I have to say, the people I’ve had the pleasure to deal with, and what they are willing to do to make a customer happy, was the most impressive.  It started with my first telephone call when the owner, answered the phone.  Very friendly and outgoing, she really  helped me to decide exactly which style of lights I wanted and made my ordering very easy, and then made sure that I knew how to get in contact with someone if I needed anything more, including their Tech. Support.  A short time later I received my lights and the first thing I noticed was the weight of the box, more than I expected, and then I was impressed with the quality of the contents and care given in packaging.  I’d like to say the deal was perfect, but there were a couple of glitches.  All I can say about that is, everyone makes mistakes, but to me, the important thing is what happens after the mistake, and I will say, Motolight goes above and beyond to make things right.
Before starting the installation, I decided to take advantage of Tech Support to find out if they were willing to pass on any tips to make the job easier.  So I called Mike, and he not only gave me tips, he told me step by step, where my connections were, where and how to run the harness, and as good as the installation instructions are, he made the job almost fool proof.  Now here is the kicker ......... after I got everything hooked up, I had a light that didn’t work, and did everything I could to figure out why, with no luck.  So, I called Mike, again, and since it was 8:30 pm I had to leave a voice mail, and wait.  Not too long though, the next morning at 7:30 am Mike returned my call and apologized for missing it the previous evening.  I swear, he is on call almost 24/7.  Since we were were close, (90 miles), he said if I could come to his place, he would fix me up and have me on the road in a short time, which is exactly what he did by replacing a bad bulb.  Happy?  Yes I am, being able to ride, with my lights on, know that I am more visible, and not having to wait while a new bulb was shipped to me.
I realize this is fairly long for a review, but I’m not finished.  When Tina, the owner, found out about my troubles, she contacted me, apologize for the situation, and more than compensated me for what happened.  You really can’t ask for anything more, the company makes a quality product, designed to last a long time, and stands behind their product.  Thank you for what you do, and how you do it.

Daivd V.

Oh, by the way, I really like the Motolight's, my R1200R BMW show's up like a freight train! Thanks!

John G.

Thank you for the Motolights. I received the hardware to install them this afternoon. One hour later, they work and are adjusted. As a motorman, I know how important it is for motorcycles to have enough lighting, to get the public's attention. We always run ours on our LCSO bikes. Now having them on my personal bike, I feel that it makes it safer for my wife and I to ride, especially on trips like one coming up next month. You have an outstanding product, thank you again.

David L. Marden, Master Deputy Sheriff
Lake County Sheriff's Office
Tavares, Florida

Your MotoLights are, without a doubt, the best lights I have every used. They do not take up a great deal of space, weight very little and put out the type of lighting that makes riding at night a pleasure rather than a stressful experience. With MotoLights, I see deer and other animals where other riders claim to have seen few or none until it's too late to react.

Bob M.

I received my Motolights today and I must say your service is FANTASTIC! I have never received a product so fast, and the workmanship is beautiful! My friend has the lights on his Road Glide and when I get these mounted we shall send a photo of both bikes. The grooved rings look great, Thank You!

Mark V.

I have been a motor officer since 1990.  Over my career one of the biggest obstacles motor officers have had to deal with is being seen.  We have been using motor lights since 2005.  Ever since we started using Moto Lights (sic) we are constantly being told by the motoring public how much the Moto Lights stand out, and how much easier it is to see the motorcycle.  Moto Lights are very durable and reliable.  We have had them in service for years now with no issues.  Moto Lights has several different styles and now come with LEDs.  Whatever the configuration you would like your lights to be, Moto Lights can help you be seen and stay safe.

Safety is the name of the game.  With Police budgets being very tight these days, you have to spend your agency's money very wisely.  Purchasing Moto Lights for your police motorcycles is one of the best decisions you can make.  We would not think of operating our motorcycles without being equipped with Moto Lights.  (June, 2012)

S/Sgt Rob Grimsley
Charleston County Sheriff’s Office
Charleston, South Carolina

Received lights yesterday, will reinstall this morning. Thanks for your prompt response above and beyond most companies.  (June, 2012)

Mike G.

Just wanted to let you know I finally made it home and installed the caliper lights.  Great directions, great finish, well-made, and easy to hook up!  Glad I chose these!  They look and work perfect!  (June, 2012)

Bob O.

The first time I saw the lights, they were on a BMW touring bike, and that triangle of light was one of the most distinctive I've seen. When I'm riding sweeper with a group of bikes, the leaders have always been able to see me with that triangle shining in the back.  I'll tell everyone who asks all about the good experience I've had with Motolights!  (June, 2012)

Walter R.

Without Motolights, I feel naked on a bike!  Given how many people have noted to me during my travels that they noticed the lights on the bike when I approached them, I am a firm proponent of the system should be standard equipment on all bikes.  (May, 2012)

Don E.

Good Morning Dan, thank you (and Motolight) for taking care of the shipping glitch so well and getting those Rockin' lights to me.  After some discussion the BMW tech and I agreed on placement and we concurred that the blinker function on the rear lights was not necessary.  When I went to pick up the bike the tech said, "these lights are just so nice, I decided to enable the blinkers." And, I'm  so glad he did!  ith the front and rear Motolights my increased nighttime illumination is only surpassed by my nighttime visibility.  These lights have changed my riding experience in a very positive and safe way.  (April, 2012)

Thank you,
Pat Lanagan

Hello, I just spoke with a customer service person regarding a failed socket on my motolight. They are now 4 years old. No problem is the response I reveived and a new socket is on the way. Excellent customer service, (which seems rare these days) and a fantastic product. I've been riding 40 years, and would not ride with out Motolights. Simply the best product, best support, keep up the great work! (April, 2012)

Michael P.

As a law enforcement retiree and a 35 year rider, I simply would not consider riding without motolights. The effect on motorists is actually obvious, and these lights will save your life, especially now when everyone around you is texting and not paying attention. (March, 2012)


I love my halogen Motolights and I have been running them as long as I've been riding. When my bike starts, so do my Motolights and I wouldn't ride without them. Although I've never felt that the halogens were underpowered, I wanted to transition to LEDs,for better spectral matching with my bike's HID headlamps. After installing the LED replacement bulbs last night, I could not be more pleased with the results. The (high-output) LEDs are brilliant and throw an incredible amount of distinctly white light toward oncoming cars. While I never take for granted that another driver sees me, I have even more confidence now that my Motolights are significantly increasing my odds of being seen. Thanks for a well made product that performs as advertised. (March, 2012)

Mike Murphy

Motolights are helpful in being able to see better at night but they are invaluable in being able to be seen day and night.  I have Motolights installed on my personal ST1300 as does my brother in law.  We annually take week long trip which includes several southwestern states.  We have both noted a very significant increase in the ability to see the trailing bike, even at long distances, due to the visibility of the Motolights.  The first year they were installed we both noticed a marked difference in how oncoming and entering traffic behaved.  Oncoming traffic seemed to move right in their lane as they approached and entering traffic waited until we had passed their intersection, even when it was apparent to us that they had ample space and time to pull out without waiting.  I attribute this to the effect the lights have on the perception of distance to the bike.  

Bikes with the Motolights give the appearance of being significantly closer than bikes without them.  This observation was confirmed, during daylight and night conditions, when we conducted and filmed trial passes and approaches of bikes with and without Motolights.  This effect is quickly apparent when viewing the video I sent to you.  During this demo we used by personal bike with standard Motolights, a police motor with Motolights with the Wig Wag feature and a police motor without Motolights.  My observation of the Wig Wag feature is that the lights are more effective when steadily on rather than in the Wig Wag mode.
Whenever vehicles pull out or turn in front of motorcycles, causing an accident, the most provided statement is that the driver simply did not see the motorcycle.  Properly adjusted Motolights practically eliminate that excuse.  In the one, failure to yield making a turn accident, our motors had since installing the Motolights the driver said he did see the officer on the bike.  However, he stated he thought he could make it.  Unfortunately for the officer and the bike, he was wrong.  I feel so strongly about the safety value of these lights that I have them on my personal bike and will not own a bike in the future without them installed.  I also purchased them for all our police motors and have recommended them to numerous other law enforcement agencies.
An additional benefit is that the lights are high quality construction and look like they are part of the bike.
Although I know you are in the business of selling lights and making a profit, you are also selling increased safety for motorcycles, both civilian and law enforcement.  It is for this reason and not for your profitability that I provide these observations and endorsements. (December, 2011)

Tony Daykin, University of Arizona Police


I rode for the first time this weekend since installing your Motolights on my Ducati Diavel and I can say without a doubt they make a difference. I've been riding road bikes for over 20 years and very cognizant of how cars pull out in front of me. Riding with the Motolights clearly catches the drivers attention and they now seem to wait for me to pass in lieu of pulling out the last minute.  Thanks for making a quality product and providing great customer support as well. (February, 2012)

Rob Montefusco

Dan and Tina, I just wanted to let you know I installed my Motolights on my 2011 Harley Ultra Limited and this is without a doubt the best addition I have made to the bike. I first saw your lights on the Ontario Provincial Police motors, Columbus P.D. motors and then the Highway Patrol installed them and after talking to the motor officers I knew I had to have them. I got the chrome upgrade and 50 watt bulbs and they look GREAT on the bike. As a 32+ year law enforcement veteran and a Motorcycle Safety Foundation instructor I can not stress enough the importance of being seen by other drivers AND being able to see at night and these lights do the job! The great thing is they were VERY easy to install. I took my time and it looks like a custom job. Dan...thank you for the taking the time to talk to me when I picked up the lights and explaining how your product is made. I was VERY IMPRESSED the lights are completely made in America...and the quality is obvious. Thank you very much for a great product! (October, 2011)

Ron Kuszmaul

I am a firm believer in your product for safety reasons and also as auxiliary lighting when a headlamp failed at night on an isolated road in Georgia. I had Motolights on My '03 H-D V-Rod, my '07 H-D Road Glide, and my current ride, an '09 H-D Road Glide. I swear by these lights. I bought the 1st set from your trailer at the Jacksonville Police Rodeo adjacent to the Jaguars Stadium.  I know the lights improve safety because prior to mounting the new lights on each of the bikes, cars pulled out in front of me. Not once with my Motolights mounted and always on.  Several friends put them on their Harleys because mine were so prevelant when in gruop rides. I typically took tailgunners position, so the other road captains could clearly see when the last rider was still in the group. The other HOG members asked about the lights and I was eager to tell them about your product.  I also ride with the Patriot Guard Riders as we escort fallen heroes. Both goups love their lights when added. (October, 2011)

Daniel Field

Just wanted to let you know that I've installed my new Motolights on my 2010 Triumph Thunderbird and they are awesome! The instructions were excellent, the packaging was great, and the lights themselves are fantastic. I'm a total novice with electrical stuff, but it was no problem to hook them up directly to my stock auxiliary light switch. I feel much better riding at night now - they really light up the road. Best purchase I've made for my bike.  (September, 2011)

I've posted a tutorial on the Triumph Rat forums, along with a number of pictures. Feel free to use them for your website so you can add a new "Triumph Motorcycles" section to your gallery.

Best wishes,

I ordered these last week with the High Output LED lamps, installed them, and they work great.  I just did a trip to Charlotte, NC and back and they were a lifesaver because my passing lights stopped working right before the trip.
Thanks! (August, 2011)

Kent Swearingen
Benton Harbor, MI

I have to say that I am so happy with my experience with Motolight. Speaking with Tina on the phone to place the order was easy and fast. Shipping time was great. Install was easy and quick and came out very clean looking. Thanks for making it easy! (August, 2011)


I had the caliber mount Motolights put on my 08 Harley Road Glide and have to say that they are fantastic. Not only do they look great, they are the most functional light one can put on. I would recommend them anyone!! (July, 2011)


I have been a police officer for the past 25 years and have investigated numerous crashes involving motorcycles. The most prevalent cause of most of these crashes has been the lack of visibility of most modern OEM bikes. Single headlights, coupled with the inability of most motorists to ascertain an oncoming motorcycle's speed, leads to cars turning left in front of oncoming bikes. For these reasons, I utilize Motolights on all of my bikes. I am ready to purchase my third set of Motolights for my newest acquisition; a 2011 Kawasaki Concours 14. I won't ride without my Motolights!! Thanks to Tina and Dan at Motolight for providing an absolutely excellent, American made product backed by the best customer service known. Thanks also for their support of law enforcement everywhere. Next time you see a OSHP motorcycle; you'll know what I'm talking about. The two extremely bright lights you see mounted on each brake caliper are Motolights. See, Be Seen, and Be Safe........with Motolights. (July, 2011)

Sgt. Paul Healey
Sharonville (OH) Police Department
A life-long Motolight customer

Thank you for your help and thanks to Motolight for such great products.  The chrome lights are so clean they look like a BMW factory option!  Several people have told me how visible my bike is with them.  They add a whole new level of safety, even though the bike has the new discharge type headlight.  In the past, I've used the Kisan headlight flasher, but with my Motolights, I really don't think I need that (June, 2011)


Hi Tina,
Thanks for your help and taking my order today.  I'll say it again, Motolight has the best customer service of any company I've ever dealt with!"  (May, 2011)
Thanks again,


Just took my Harley Road Glide Ultra out for a ride with my new Motolights installed. My friends said they are so bright it appears as though my headlights are turned off. Very impressed with the product, quick delivery and customer service. Keep up the good work and from what I heard you may be getting some new orders from friends of mine. (May, 2011)


Spent 4 hours Saturday installing your Motolights on my new, 2011, Triumph Sprint GT 1050. As with your lights I've put on my other 2 bikes, they are flawless.  Installation is a snap--once you get the fairing off (which took most of the 4 hours...)


I ordered another set of Motolights for my new bike.  I was helped by Dan Thomas, and the lights have been delivered.  Mr. Thomas was helpful, courteous, and a real pleasure to do business with.  Please tell him I will be sure to send him a photo of the bike, once I've figured out how to get the fairing off so I can run the wiring.  These make the 3rd set of Motolights I've bought from you: they are superb equipment, greatly enhancing safety while acting as the best fog lights I've ever used.  Thank you for a fine product and a professional staff. (April, 2011)

John Dill
Milton  Fl 

Just replaced by Motolights with LED version....the fit is perfect, installation was a snap to do and thre results...VERY impressive.  Had to take it for a spin.  You are noticed right away.  Thanks to the folks at Motolight.  Anything that raises the safter rate is a winning rate :)  (April, 2011)
Dan, thanks for the great service getting me the part I needed, and replacement bulb. It's incredible service like this that is hard to find, and rewarding when you find it. The lights are on again, and I feel safer knowing I am much more visible. (March, 2011)

Thanks, Dave

Hi Dan,
The lights are awesome, they look and feel great!  Heavy duty and quality built.  I already showed the lights to my rider buddies and they all like them.  You'll be getting a few more orders in the next couple months.
Thanks, and all the best from Germany! (November 27, 2010)
Ciao, Jens

Thank you and Tina.  I've been extremely happy with your products and service.  Keep up the great work.  I'll continue to do business with you, and spread the word to many of our rider groups in the Phoenix metro area.
Again, thank you! (November, 2010)
Gordon V.

Tina, A big thank you to you and your team for the quick turnaround on repairing and upgrading my Motolights to a condition better than new.  Not having my Motolights  left me feeling less safe and wanting them even more.  I love these lights and I look forward to having them shine on for another 75k miles.

Thank you again. (October, 2010)
Dan N.

After lots of observed trials riding years ago and little experience on a street bike, I am the new proud owner of a pristine 2003 aniversary model 1200C Harley Sportster. Much to my delight, the sportster came with fork/fender brace mounted  Motolights and they are absolutely fantastic!!!  Being a 65 year year old grandmother, I feel safer and more visable on the road than I ever thought possible.  My husband's 2003 Sportster is now a candidate for a new set of motolights, as his envy is getting the best of him.  We joined the local Harley chapter associated with American Eagle Harley Davidson at Corinth, TX and luckily they are a dealer for your product.  After particpating in our first skills practice event, several riders had very positive things to say about Motolights.  The relay for my lights is wired through the highbeam headlight and we are in the process of changing this to the running lights per your well documented instructions. (October, 2010)

Joneel H.

I am a retired motor officer and just bought my first Ultra Classic. When I saw your ad on the internet, I must admit I was skeptical, but I bit the bullet and ordered a set. Since having the motolights installed, I have made several trips from Louisiana for a total of about 8,000 miles and every time I stop or attend a HOG event it never fails that some one asks if your lights are worth the money. My answer to them is it is the best money I ever spent. Actually it saved me efrom hitting a large deer on I-25 north of Casper, Wyoming!  Just wishing I would have had the lights when I was riding my police bike.  Thanks Motolight for the awesome product. (October, 2010)

Greg L.

Hey just got back from my trip down The Blue Ridge Parkway and wanted to send you some photo's. Also wanted to say Thank You for all your help with the lights. I love them and they make the bike look great!
Thanks again. (August, 2010)

Carol V.

Hi Tina. This is Mike with the Tucson Police Department. My buddy Dave, who has Motolights on a couple of his bikes, helped me install the lights on my bike today. The lights look great and he really likes the mini switch that came with mine. I'm sure you will hear from him soon when he orders the new switch for his bike like mine.(He also has a BMW R1200RT that he rents out.... not sure if he will order new switch for that bike.) Thanks again for the lights. I will put them through their paces when I go to Sturgis next month. (July 28, 2010) 

Mike P.
Tuscon, AZ

Hi Dan,

You recently helped me work out a problem with caliper bolt length and missing amber bulbs for my Motolight installation on my 2002 HD FLHTCI (Electra-glide Classic).  The bolts and spacers that you sent me worked perfectly and exactly matched the original factory clearance dimensions when installed.  The installation was very easy and everything works great!  I noticed a significant conspicuity increase immediately.  Drivers about to enter the roadway in front of me are obviously able to see me much better as evidenced by the noticeable double-takes and long visual fixation on my motorcycle as I approach.

I want to thank you for your professionalism and responsiveness in assisting me with my installation so promptly and for sending me the research article on motorcycle lighting/conspicuity.  When I get a chance to go through my files, I will send you a copy of a very relevant research paper that I wrote for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.  As we discussed on the phone, I would be glad to provide assistance (gratis) with the testing of new products (from an Engineering, Usability, or Effectiveness perspective) such as the rear lights if that would be helpful to you.  You have a great product that will save lives. That is something that I will gladly support! (July, 2010)

Robert H.

This is a testimonial for your Motolights.  I purchased and installed these lights for the 2010 Hoka Hey motorcycle challenge, and these lights made a big difference while traversing the 9,135 miles of mostly secondary roads encountered.  On more than a few occasions I was stopped and asked about these lights.  In fact while mildly lost on South Dakota and trying to find the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, I pulled up to a local police officer looking for directions and the police officer's first words were, "what and where did you get those lights?"  I gladly shared, these lights were Motolights, and they are often used by police motor cycle units, and that they greatly improved both my visibility of the road and significantly improved the rider's visibility to other motorists.
Although the dust has yet to settle and the actual legitimate finishers are yet to be determined, as of this writing I finished #25.  With the fixed lighting on an H-D FLTR, the fork mounted Motoights permitted me to navigate some very challenging roads in the wee hours.  I am now a tried and true believer in Motolights.  What a GREAT product.

Thanks so very much... (July 15, 2010) 
Arnie O.

Hi Tina....I met you at the Morton's BMW open house in Fredericksburg Virginia. I just wanted to thank you for taking your time to look at my 04 BMW K1200GT to see why my Moto lights were not working. You gave me a set of bulbs and tool to change them. I ordered new wires that connected to the bulbs from your site and they work great I love them. You have a great company and stand behind your product. Thank You!  (July 15, 2010) 

Sydney C.

I’ve had my Motolights on for three years and my strong gut feeling is that they saved me from colliding with cars driven by people who otherwise would not have seen me, even on those bright, sunny days.  (July 14, 2010).

Scott S.
Waukesha, WI

I am writing simply to give some feedback concerning my Motolight experience.  I purchased a set of Mini's, and due to some minor issues I have contacted Motolight on a couple of occasions.  It is abundantly clear to me that Motolight understands the value of good customer service.  Perhaps you should consider marketing your customer service as a product.  Additionally,  My Mini's mounted to my brake calipers flawlessly within short order. They work great, and look great.  Oh, I have the black Mini's and I painted my rings a nice subdued red, they look great!  Hint! Hint!  Best Regards, Kris.  (June 14, 2010) 

Kris L. 

A big shoutout to Mike (don't know his last name) who helped me figure out tha thte relay in my Harley harness kit was wired wrong.  After 10 blown fuses and hours of stress, Mike walked me through the relay issue and we fixed the incorrect wiring.  Thanks a ton Mike! (May 15, 2010) 

Jason S. 

I love my RT.  I love it more with Motolights! (February 8, 2010)  

Ruben T.
BMW Clubs Latin American Federation 

I installed the caliper mounted lights to my 06 RT and I wanted to say thanks to the wonderful people who helped me with the wiring i.e. Mike the beemer tekie. He walked me through the process over the phone. The instructions were much easier to follow compared to the wonder-licks and the install was a breeze. It took the better part of 2.5 hrs. I'm sure a Beemer DIYer could do it quicker, but I had a learning experience. The lights are awesome and do what they say with the 50w bulbs. Again, Many thanks. (December 2, 2009)

Mark R.
Covington, LA 

Miss Tina...Thank you for a very fast response to my problem, or at least what I thought was a problem. I called Mike and got him when he was at the airport picking up someone. He asked if I could wait for a few minutes and he'd get back to me. He called and walked me through the situation and explained exactly what I needed to do to get the lights working. Please thank him for me and again thank you. Wishing all of you at Motolight a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  (December 2, 2009)  

CWO 4 John W. "Gunner" McLeod, USMC (Retired)
League City, TX 

Tina... First of all, I want to say THANK YOU! You have made a pissed customer into to a happy, satisfied one! Two gold stars for you and the Motolight Co. Thanks again. (September 30, 2009)  

Ron M.
Des Moines, IA

Hello there Tina from Motolights. My Sergeant, who went to Milwaukee with us was looking for a price on a set of Motolights lights for his personal HD that he purchased yesterday. He would like the brushed aluminum with the brightest lights that are available. Can we go through you or do we have to go through a distributor? I am purchasing a new motor next week, and I would like a set for my wheel as well. I cannot tell you how much we enjoy the quality and performance of the lights. I am a big promoter of the Motolights lights and at this time we are the only agency around us that have them. I believe that is going to change since I talk about the lights so often, the other cities will be looking into getting them soon. I hope there is enough to go around since our fellow motor squads consist of approx. 80 motors +. In addition to our motor squad, I belong to several organizations that ride motors like the blue knights, and Shriners. I am attempting to make it a requirement, if you have a personal motor, and you ride with the group, you will have Motolights lights since I believe visibility is a safety issue. Actually I wish I could have had a couple of sets at Delmarva Bike Week that I attended since I talked them up to several of the vendors and showed them pictures that I had on my IPhone of our police wheels. I could have made a killing! :o) Well enough of me talking about your product, I know you hear it all the time. Thank you for your time and it was great meeting you.  

Officer Mark Lewis
Portsmouth Police Department 

I was driving down the road a couple of weeks ago and saw a Highway Patrol Bike next to another Police Bike in my rearview. The Highway Patrol Bike had these small, yet brilliant lights mounted on the lower front fork that set it apart with respect to visability. I couldn't even see the police bike by comparison without the lights. A few days later I saw a set of the same lights mounted on a Columbus Police Motor Unit and I grabbed my friend from the unit and asked him what they were. He took the time to tell me about Motolights and he concluded by saying they are the first thing he would put on his next bike and the last thing he would ever part with. I emailed the company and had some installation questions, as I was worried about after-market add-ons. The owner was gracious and answered all my questions, so with credit card in hand I took a chance. So a few days later I get the package and out to the garage I go (I read the directions several times first). The kit had thorough directions and every part I needed to make this happen! Two and a half hours later, with just a small amount of work, my lights were installed. As a retired cop with a bit of experience behind the handlebars, I'll take anything I can get that allows for an advantage over soccer moms in minivans texting in heavy traffic, but I was skeptical. I'm not feeling that way anymore! Here is a photo of my personal Street Glide 58 feet back... You tell me if I made a good choice. After one week of use... I Have One Complaint; Other riders keep pestering me about "What are those and how can I get a set?" Many Thanks! (September 21, 2009)  

Michael S. Brining
London, OH 

Since living near your location, I decided to ride down several months ago. You allowed me access to your assembly area and let me browse around as to "check you out." I had many questions about the install process, bulb wattage, amp draw on my bike and the different finishes. You hung in there and answered all of my questions, you even demonstrated how to assemble one. I have a 2008 Harley Ultra Classic and wanted something that looked nice, was straight forward to install, reliable, and most of all improved my visibility on the road. I already have the Harley H.I.D. headlamp and 2 stock spot lights, this is a nice addition. If the oncoming vehicle cannot see me now, maybe they should be re-evaluated for eye sight because these little lights throw out some candlepower! There was a spot on the road just in front of my bike that was dark and these 50 watt Motolights surely filled that void! I bought the chrome plated 50 watt versions along with the Harley "plug-in" harness. The install went as expected with no surprises, the plug mated up just fine and my "Acc" switch controls the Motolights now. Unfortunately, as with most of my other accessory installs, I had to remove the tank to facilitate running the wires through the chase under it. It seems that after adding the H.I.D. lamp and Motolights, there has been a reduction in cars pulling out from side streets in front of me. It has not eliminated it but I don't think any amount of pre-planning and visibility aids can prevent errors in decision making from other drivers. I am very satisfied with my choice of Motolights!!! (September 2, 2009) 

Jeff G.
Waynesville, OH 

I've had the Motolights installed on my Suzuki Burgman 650 for nearly a year and the visual they create is astounding. The most noticeable difference is daylight riding. It's nothing to see the front end of a car/truck dip as the driver thinks twice about pulling out of a parking lot or side street, when they notice the light coming at them. Before the Motolights this was a 50/50 proposition, now they always stop. A great product well worth the money.  

Kevin A.
St. Louis, MO 

Thanks for such a great product! I plan to buy a set for my Ducati Monster 696, too! (August 24, 2009)

Jerry Y.
Amelia, OH 

The Motolight product is tremendous. The added lighting on our motorcycles are invaluable. At Daytona Beach with all the events it is important to look good and be seen. The Motolights accomplish both. The visibility that the Motolights add is amazing. Our city vehicles crashes at night have decreased significantly after adding the Motolights. The Motolights accomplish two main things. The lights add extra lighting when riding which helps view potential hazards in the roadway and helps vehicles and pedestrians see the Police Motorcycles. It is a great product. 

Sergeant Mark Eisner
Daytona Beach Police Traffic Unit 

Thank you for a very prompt response in sending a pair of replacement bulbs. Not only do I appreciate your service, but also your caring attitude for your clients by providing the life time replacement warranty. (July 28, 2009)  

Masa Ellis
Portland, OR 

Tina... Thanks and tell everyone at Motolight thank you for a great product and tech. I called on Saturday for a quick question and got my answer. Lights look great on my BMW LT. Thanks.

Tim B.
Baton Rouge, LA

I could see the difference with Motolights. Previously, cars would pull in front of me, cutting me off without the lights. Now, with the lights, they hesitate and take a second look and then brake hard, avoiding to cross in front of me. Clearly a lifesaver! (June 22, 2009)

David Edge
Miami, FL

I truly believe I have to thank you for avoiding a crash at an intersection due to your lights. After I caught my breath, I "SPOKE" to the driver who almost t-boned me. She said she did not see me until she "tried to figure out what those white lights were" on the motor. This was proof to me these lights should be on every motor.  

Officer S. Pignataro
South Daytona Police Department 

Just wanted to drop you a line- I ordered Motolights for my Yamaha VStar after visiting with my brother, who is also in law enforcement, who has used your lights for years. The shipping was great, your instructions were spot on, and the quality is unbelievably great. Living in a high tourist part of the country, where there is alot of sight seeing going on and very little respect for M/C riders, the lights definitely have them taking notice making my riding more enjoyable. Thanks so much. (June 22, 2009)  

Tim G. (Sheriff)
Detroit Lakes, MN 

I bought my lights from Hampton Roads Harley Davidson last week. They sure are nice, have quality products and the Customer Service is top shelf! You could have knocked me over with a feather when you returned a Customer Service call after 7 PM on a Friday night! Thanks again! (June 16, 2009)

Mike F.
Hampton Roads, VA

Thank You for your product. I placed them on my motorcycle and I know for a fact that they have saved me twice from being hit by vehicles coming out from side roads. Again, thank you. They have already paid for them selves. (June 14, 2009)  


Even at this distance, if someone can't see her (or me for that matter!) they are either blind or looking in the wrong direction! Installation was a snap and they look great! Thanks for a wonderful safety product! (June 11, 2009)

Arthur B. 

First off, on behalf of my agency I would like to thank you for your product. Our Motorcycle Traffic Enforcement Unit cannot stop raving about their lights and how much it has improved their visibility (and survivability) with the motoring public as they go about doing their job. Additionally, they have remarked about how well it helps them see the road during nighttime operations. It has becomes extremely evident during the Daytona Bike Week and Biketoberfest the need to “stand out” from the crowd while traveling the roadways. Since we are a close neighbor to Daytona Beach, the volume of riders who come to visit our community impacts our motoring traffic. The advantage the Motolights is a tremendous aid for our officers, because a vehicle driver is able to easily see and recognize them as a motorcycle. Even though Florida Law requires riders to display their headlights at all times, vehicle drivers fail to take notice of an approaching rider. However, we’ve experienced with the use of the Motolights their positioning (caliber mounted) and their brightness makes them stand out for a vehicle driver to see and do the right thing. After hearing our guys talk about their Motolights, and as your aware, I had you (well actually Mike and Eric) install them on my personal bike and I know first hand the reasons why we recommend them to every rider out there. In closing, I believe your product should be standard equipment for every rider, and those riders who don’t think so should try them one time and discover the benefits they provide. Again, thanks.  

Commander David A. Mims
Sr. New Smyrna Beach Police Deparment 

I'd like to comment on the Motolights that you put on my bike in Daytona - they rock! (April 27, 2009)  

Ed Fortune
Tallahassee, FL 

I finally took delivery of my new 09 Road Glide.Thanks for your help. Thanks for making an outstanding product. (April 16, 2009)  

David Z. 

Just to let you know I picked up my lights from the post office today. Got them home and put them on straight away. Wow! What a cracking set of lights they are. Now I’m not mechanically minded by any stretch of the imagination and you could say I’m mechanically inept, but your step by step directions on how to fit them was so easy to follow that I did it all myself and I’m now the proud owner of a working set of Motolights. A big thanks for getting them off to me so quickly. Thanks again I’m very pleased I made the right decision to buy from you. (April 1, 2009) 


I finally put the lights on my bike. Once I started, the process was easy. The install kit was very complete and professional. The directions were very good. The best directions I have seen on anything motorcycle related. They work great. I can see road signs now! Aiming them was quick and easy. (February 23, 2009)  

Jerry Stevens
Flower Mound, TX 

Just a fantastic product. Everyone says they're so neat. Love those Motolights! (January 22, 2009)

R. Hart

Just got a set of these and cannot believe how great they are. Wish I'd have gotten them a lot sooner. Makes it seem like I've been riding around in the dark all of these years. I'm suggesting them to everyone who will listen. Cannot imagine ever going without them again. (October 12, 2008)  

Jerry Qualis
Westchester, OH 

I just have to write (it's long overdue) to thank you for the Motolights and the incredible service you provided me. Oh, and thanks for sending that other "Y" cord for the Harley. In May 2008 I ordered two sets of Motolights, one for my '08 Ultra Classic FLHTCUSE3 and one for my wife's '08 Road King FLHRSE4. Her medical condition necessitated doing away with a two-wheeler in favor of a trike. Harley introduced the new TriGlide this year. Once we insured that we were getting one, I took the Motolights off of her Road King and set them aside for her TriGlide. Attached is a photo of Wendy's TriGlide with the Motolights shining bright for everyone to see. Even at this distance, if someone can't see her (or me for that matter!) they are either blind or looking in the wrong direction! Installation was a snap and they look great! Thanks for a wonderful safety product! (October 19, 2008)

Authur (Iceman) 

Motolight! Thank you again for your exemplary service and fine product. The upgrade mounts you sent out arrived sooner than expected, and were simple to install. The lights are on so securely and solidly that any OEM would agree these lights are like factory equipment. My lights survived a tip-over, and even the Seattle rains can't even make them fog from the inside. The only drawback to these lights is that motorist traffic thinks I'm a cop, and people slow down and bunch up when the Motolights are turned on. Thank you for such a fine product, one that will be standard equipment on every future bike! (October 17, 2008)

Chris A.
Seattle, WA 

THANK YOU, I just wanted to send a thank you to everyone at Motolight. I recently installed a pair of the brushed 35w caliper mount lights on my Honda VTX1800N and WOW what a difference. Not just in looks but in visiability at night and most important in the day time. Your customer service and support is second to none. Call backs on the weekends with the right answers for my questions. Very easy installation and the fit and finish is top class. Please keep up the great work. I will recommend Motolight to all of my riding friends and if I get another cycle I will be puting your lights on that also. Thank you. (October 9,  2008) 

John T.
Holtwood, PA 

Tina... Thank you for the quick response and the support. It is refreshing to find companies that stand behind their products. Except for the early bulb failure, I have been extremely pleased with the Motolight setup. I am highly impressed with the improved visibility that they provide. My friends can't stop speaking about how effective they are in providing additional illumination. As a result, Motolights will likely be the first upgrade that I do on any bike that I purchase from here on and end. As a matter of fact, I intend to have another set installed on my other bike during the holidays. Thanks again. (January 4, 2008)

Anthon A. (US Army) 

It almost seems that customer service and willingness to back your product is something that has moved into the scene of nostalgic Americana. But, not at Motolight. Customer service and standing behind your product is alive and well. I run motolights on my 2006 HD Ultra Classic and my wife's 2008 HD Deluxe. We receive numerous comments from fellow riders about how noticeable and attention-getting they are. When I purchased the lights I received great assistance in making sure that I ordered the correct sets for my bikes. Recently, the relay on my set went out (about 6 months after installing). I called Motolight and received courteous service and prompt action to replace the relay. Motolight is not only a great product, but backed by a quality business that stands behind their product. I'm currently personalizing a 98 Valkyrie Tourer and plan to add motolights to that bike also in the very near future.

Sugar Land, TX 

Tina... I met you at the Harley-Davidson 105th celebration. Long story short, you asked me to call Mike about my Motolights. MIKE was OUTSTANDING in his support, helping me understand what may have happened and gave me ideas on how to fix it. He gave me a list of what I needed, and I contacted DAN to get the parts. He, too, was OUTSTANDING in support, suggestions, and clarifications. What can I say? Not only do you have a great product, but a superior staff...not to mention your beyond-belief business model. Thanks to you ALL. (September 8, 2008)

Prattville, AL 

Hello, I ordered the chrome twin auxiliary light kit and received it exactly 8 days later just as was indicated (7 to 10 days). I was impressed with the delivery time alone. Then there was the product quality review. This product is made of high quality chrome and the high quality wires. I read through the installation instructions first and I tell you they were the best electrical instructions I've received in my 10 years of ordering aftermarket electrical parts for both sport and cruisers. Following the instructions very carefully, it took me exactly 3 hours to complete, however, I believe I could have done the installation in less than 2 hours. The lights themselves are nice and bright and work just as they are suppose to. Thank You for an excellent product, great service and very clear instructions, which is unusual for aftermarket products. 

Gary Hatcher 

Just a note to let you know how great these lights are-I had them fitted at Daytona Bike Week in 07 on my Electra Glide. At the time I was just starting my 18 month,14 country tour which took in the US, Europe, and Australia. I ran with these lights on and found my visability increased to other vehicles which in my opinion made my trip incident free. I cannot speak highly enough of these lights. They weathered cyclonic rain, hail, sleet, snow, and scorching heat (over130 degrees). They never failed or gave any trouble at all. They have covered over 80,000 miles and are still burning bright. I cannot speak highly enough of these lights and tell everyone how great they are. Many Thanks.

Phil Sanders 

Hi Tina... Tonight I installed my fifth pair of Motolights. I put them on my 2006 BMW R 1200 RT. I also have them on a 1996 Harley-Davidson Sportster, 1977 BMW K75 T, 1995 BMW R 1100 GS, and 1975 BMW R 75/6. I own and ride these bikes regularly. Thanks.

Rich Herion
Norway, MI 

Motorcyclist should be seen and not hurt! My primary goal when setting out on my ride or rally is to come back in one piece! In over 300,000 miles of riding Motolights have helped keep me out of trouble with no collisions. They realy help me to see the road too. I SAW THE LIGHT!

Paul Taylor (AKA Robobiker Winner 2003 Iron Butt) 

Daytona Beach hosts a variety of special events year round, which allows our Officers to ride around the clock. We are constantly working and riding in the most challenging of traffic situations and without a doubt your lights help our Officers see and most importantly be seen better! Your lights provide greater visibility for Officers, which in turn aids them in their jobs but more importantly keeps each and every one of them safer. These lights are a great addition to the Daytona Beach Police Motor Squad and I want to thank you from each of our officers who benefit daily from us using them. 

Sergeant James Floyd
Daytona Beach Police Department Traffic Unit  

Tina... Unfortunately in this world we spend too much time complaining about problems we have with products and customer support staff and do not praise those companies which truly belief in and stand behind their products. I have to admit I am usually one of those people. Today I am turning over a new leaf as it relates to Motolights. As you are well aware I had seen your demo at Americade this year and was on the fence as to getting your lights or the kuyriakan LED lights. You had said that if I wanted your lights you would hold the price for me and that I believe was the beginning of this letter. When I called you about 2 weeks ago to order the lights you first held to your price without me even asking then you told me the installation would not be difficult and if I had any issues to contact you and you supply me with a tech to help me through the process. I decided to install the lights this weekend, so on Friday I called your office and spoke to a very nice woman who gave me both Mike and Eric’s phone numbers and told me to call them. I called Mike on Friday ad he got right back to me. He walked me through the wiring process. I told him I would try to install them this weekend and before I could ask he said to call if I had a problem. I said I might not get to them until Sunday and again he said to call anytime. I did call him Sunday and spoke to his wife (I think it was his wife she was very nice by the way). He called me back a few minutes later and answered my questions and gave me some pointers. He was extremely helpful and did not rush me off the phone. The installation was so easy it was unbelievable. It took me about 1.5 hours to finish it. But that is not the best part for me it is also the product. I am not a fan of riding at night but there are times when you have to do it. I took the bike out last night and could not believe the difference these lights make. I have put a lot of things on my bike from chrome, power commander, loud pipes speakers, and even a garage door opener and by far I believe that this (next to the pipes for noise) has got to be the best $385.00 spent on my bike. I have already sent an e mail to about 8 of my friends and told them this is a must for their bike. I told them to contact you about the product and come by to see it in action. So the point behind this is that you should be proud of your product and more importantly you should be proud of all the people who work for you that have been pleasant and helpful. Thank you for a great product.

David Cohen
Montebello, NY 

Great product! I don't know how I road at night with out them. Better than I ever expected.

Marc P.
Whitestone, NY 

I truly believe in your product and how you stand behind it. I do not know if you remember me, but 3 or 4 years ago you completely rewired and overhauled my motolights at the Georgia mountain rally after I explained that I had acquired them with my first BMW1100 GS that I had bought used and later transfered them to my new 1150 GS ADV. You did not charge me for that work and installed the new caliper mounts for a nominal fee. I call that customer service! 


You guys are great. I work in customer support and know what good support is and isn’t. You answered my questions, shipped a quality product, supported me when I had questions, quickly sent replacement bolts and made this an enjoyable buying experience.

Lawerence H.
Santa Clara, CA 

Thank you for the great support you have provided for my Motolights on the Vstrom. Even though I've had some problems with moisture, they are great lights. I had no idea, today when Gary and I came to see you, that, in the end, I would ride off with new lights. No one can ask for better support than you have given me over the years! Your product is first-class, but more importantly, you have stood behind them and kept working to get them the way you think they should be. You are great! With the new wiring and moisture prevention system, I'm sure they will be even better! You are a vendor that I'll continue recommending to other friends.


Battley Cycles in Rockville, MD. Recommended Motolight to me when I purchased the first of my three BMW K1200LTs in 2000. Motorcyclists and those considering purchasing a motorcycle ask me about them frequently, and I point out how the triangle of light they create improves visibility of the motorcyclist to our fellow motorcyclists, and they're sold on the idea of improving survivability this way. At less than $400 a pair and a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser, they are one of the least expensive forms of insurance available to a motorcyclist. In the past seven years, I've yet to be involved in an accident where the other motorist was approaching me from the front. I have received a number of compliments on how visible my motorcycles have been without being annoyingly bright. Thanks for making a great product, standing behind it, and supporting the Mason Dixon 20-20 endurance rally! Your company is exemplary in its service to motorcyclists.

George Falcon
Rockville, MD 

I love my motolights on my 2003 Honda VFR. That’s the best option I ever installed on any bike.

Garnett Andes 

This is the beginning of a long and healthy friendship. Your Motolight Loving Friend.

K. Archer
Kokomo, IN 

A lot of places brag about Customer Service. Well, actions speak louder than words. It's Kelvin Archer. I was more than impressed with the service I got when I called about ordering Motolights. I called three or four times on tuesday 3/27/07 just to make sure I got the right size fork straps. You said I would have the lights on Wednesday, but I was skeptical. I ordered them about 3:30 on Tuesday and by 10:30am on Wednesday DHL pulled in the driveway and delivered my lights. I was anxious to put them on but due to schedule conflicts I didn't get to them until Sunday, April 1st. I was very impressed that you had sent, not only the strap size I measured, but one smaller and one larger, and was I glad! I took the smaller one and it fit like a glove. You were also right about installation. I started about 8:00pm and had them completly installed, wired, and aimed in less than two hours. They look great and I had to take them for a test drive. All I can say is WOW! Initially I thought they were a little pricey, but after installing the lights and seeing the quality and ease of installation, I'm not the least bit sorry I spent the money for what I feel is the best product out there. I'll try to get a picture or two of the Bike with Lights to you as well.


I've written you before, singing the praises of Motolight. However, I have a new one; On 12/23/07 I celebrated three events: 1) 1,000,000 miles on a motorcycle 2) 50 years of riding (to the hour) 3) My 64th birthday. For the past 175,000 miles I've used the same lights on three machines. When I sold my machine I moved the Motolights to my new one. I would never be without them on any two wheeled machine that I own. Thank you for making such a fine, useful product, one I love to brag on to other riders.

Frank Ganger
Palm Coast, FL 

Tina, Hello, I just wanted you to know that it's been one year since my lights were installed. They worked so well in less than four months of pushing paper through I was able to purchase an additional twenty pairs of lights. I don't know how many other agencies had made inquiries about the lights. I have had several civilian riders make inquiries about the lights as well. The extra illumination in front of the motorcycle make for much better visibility during both night and daytime riding. The civilian drivers in my opinion defiantly notice you behind them even if they are not being stopped for a traffic violation. I would recommend these lights to any police agency and for civilian riders as well. In the time that we have had the lights we experienced two problems, a cracked lens (operator error) and a bad wire. Replacement parts kit was given with my order and any questions or concerns were quickly answered.

Sergeant Martin Giller
Miami-Dade Police Department

Just want you to know how much I love my Motolights. They have been the talk of the town down here in El Paso. Thank you for a wonderful product.


The Motolights I have put on my BMW R1150RT are probably the most effective safety feature I have ever added (in addition to being very cool looking.) You know those very dark nights, no moon, when the road seems to just suck up whatever your headlight throws out? Well, the Motolights make all the difference. Turn 'em on, and the road that you thought was swallowed by a black hole reappears. But there is more! In my 50 plus years of riding, I have become accustomed to the fact that people in cars don't mentally register motorcycles. They probably see them, they claim that they look, but the synapses don't fire to tell them you are there. Now when I come up behind them with my Motolights on, they move over. This has never happened to me. I think maybe they think I'm a cop (I don't care). Is this great, or what?

Dave E.
Kent, WA

How did a girl get into this business? You have what may be the best product in its class available anywhere out there.

Ed M.

Love the lights that I recieved at the Honda Hoot here in Knoxville (2005). Wouldn’t do without them on my Yamaha FJR! Thanks for allowing me to be safe! Received my Motolights, here in England, yesterday, just a week after placing the order. Fitted them today! A first class product, first class instructions. Everything fit just perfect. I wish Motolight continued success. I will certainly recommend Motolights to anyone that asks. And they surely will!

Ted Cooper

I bought a set of Motolights at Biketoberfest for my 2006 HD Classic, one of the best additions I have made to the bike. It not only improves my visiblity during the daylight hours but at night they really help light the way without blinding oncoming traffic.


You have been extremely helpful and responsive to my inquiries. Few companies out there today are as committed to customer satisfaction as you have displayed with me. I will certainly purchase the caliper mount Motolights. Thank you again.


Just wanted to tell you how much I like your Caliper mount Motolights. Friends would tell me they would notice my bike topping the hill 1 1/2 miles down the road. I just lost my bike and light in a garage fire. As soon as things are settled I will be ordering a new set for a new bike. Thanks again! GREAT PRODUCT! In fact the motor, the frame, and your lights are the only things that didn't burn completely up in the fire! Thank you.

Gary G.

I have installed Motolights on my 2008 Ultra-Classic and love them! Great at night, safer in day light.

Randy C. 

 Motolight... Thanks for a great product. They look good in the box, but even better on the bike! My fellow riders are impressed and so am I. The Royal Star Venture WILL be seen now. Thanks a million.


Arrived before I thought you could have even shipped it! You folks are AWESOME! Thanks for the great service.


 Without a doubt the single best investment I have made as an addition to my Harley Davidson. The additional safety factor alone was worth the price and the quality of your product is fantastic. I have no idea how I was ever able to see at night without them. Thanks for a great product!

Randy Wilson
Port Orange, FL

After seven years and 40,000 miles, one of my lights finally burned out. I lived in the northeast for the majority of those miles, so the motolights have been subjected to rain, snow, extreme cold and now that I am living in Florida, extreme heat. Needless to say, after calling your toll free 800 number, I was shocked to learn that both lights are still covered under the original warranty. I never ride without my Motolights on, and congradulate you for your firm's outstanding product, and customer support.

Jack O'Donnell

 Just wanted to let you know that I received the new bulb and it works fine. I love my Motolights and your company went above and beyond on the warranty coverage for my damaged light. You have a customer for life! Thanks.

John (2007 FLHX)
Jacksonville, FL

I bought a Motolight for my BMW Motorcycle two years ago. I have since bought an additional set for another BMW Motorcycle I have purchased. My light bulb was not working and I called Customer Service to get a new bulb. Instead of one bulb your company sent me two. The attitude and customer service was phenomenal. Since then, my other Motolight wire broke and I called customer service and once again your team was fantastic. This is the first time in 41 years of riding a motorcycle that I am taking the time to write a letter about the exceptional, first-class service that I received from your Company. Thank you.

Woodbridge, NJ

Thanks for your video intro. I called my wife to the computer, asked her to watch, and presto! She said we should get a pair! I did! Thanks!


 Caliper mounted Motolights are the best! Can't imagine riding without them.


It is sure a pleasure to work with a company who takes pride in their product and stands behind it so well. I have purchsed a total of three sets of Motolights since 2002 (one directly from you and two dealer installed), plus one that a friend of mine had put on her bike after seeing how well mine worked. You can rest assured that you have a customer for any bikes that I ride and the endorsement that you will receive from me on the many Harley rides that I go on.

Joe W.

 I heard that your service was awesome and you just confirmed that for me. I am so very impressed! Right now I am wishing I would have ordered new equipment right from you.


 Thank you for the great customer service. Had I mentioned the anti-lock brakes and asked for the H-D harness in my original order, I wouldn't have had any delays at all with the installation. My own fault completely! Anyways, your directions are well written and understandable. My lights went on with absolutely no issues at all. As a police officer, your testimonials from police depts. who have your lights on their patrol bikes convinced me to make the purchase. I'm a big believer in being seen out there and I'm sure your product will go a long way in keeping me visible to other motorists. Thanks again.

Indianapolis, IN

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